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Winter tale

What means winter in children's mentality? Some of the answers could be: holiday, nativity of Christ, Christmas, Santa Claus, snowman, snow, all kind of games involving snow. 
The contest organized by Ethnographic and Folk Art Museum of Tulcea in 2012/2013 showed us the perceptions of young generation about this season. Still remain the traditional elements like Christmas masks and action of caroling. But we observe a loss of diversity of masks (in this post you can see an old man mask and a Gypsy mask) and the confusion between Christmas mask and the carnival mask, Venice type. 
Also we can observe a "contamination" with Occidental but not necessary new aspects like Santa, gifts, ornaments. In Romanian culture Christmas gifts had a symbolical value, a reciprocal exchange after caroling and consisted in ritual round breads (colaci), nuts, apples and cookies.
In other order of ideas, the ecological trend can be seen in many works, like the snowman made with disposable cups, a Christmas tree made with plastic forks etc
Here you can admire a selection of the most representative works and the entire list on meaptulcea.wordpress.com, including the literary works (in Romanian).
Maria Mădălina Ifrim, 8-th Grade,  Bacău County
Barangă Cristina and Caramarin Georgiana, 6-th Grade, Jijila Village, Tulcea County

Ștefan Maria Cătălina, 6-th Grade, Tulcea City
Pavlov Cătălina, 5-th Grade, Tulcea City
2-nd Grade, Tulcea City
Stână Elena, 2-nd Grade, Tulcea City
Dobre Gabriel, 3-rd Grade, Cataloi Village
Gypsy mask, Bălțatu Andreea, 4-th Grade, Tulcea City
Dima Andreea, 6-th Grade, Tulcea City
Glodean Fabian Vlad, 3-rd Grade, Murighiol Village
Ștefan George Gabriel, 2-nd Grade, Țăndărei City
Grosu Maria, 11-th Grade, Tulcea City
Caroling with the Star, Teodorof Ana Maria, 12-th Grade, Tulcea City
Corciovă Daniela, 10-th Grade, Tulcea City
Dumitrașcu Andreea, Preparatory Class, Niculițel Village

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