duminică, 14 octombrie 2012

Holiday in Black & White

MMM (my mini-manifesto): Why I chose not to use colors? Maybe because colors can distract sometimes attention from essence (In this non-chromatic space, try to identify Holiday elements and spectacle ones), can reduce  the beauty of imagination and creativity by self sufficiency (I challenge you to create and recreate the chromatic composition of every scene), can produce stereotypes and labels (Red is the specific color of a certain ethnic group costume; Dark-skinned are Gypsies etc.). 
B&W don't lie, B&W freeze time, B&W augment details that colors blur.
Synopsis: On 14th October (Pokrova or Holy Virgin Protection Holiday on Old Style Calendar) is the dedication day (hram) in the Starovery/Russian-Lippovan community from Jurilovca Village (Romania, Dobrogea, Razim Lake micro-zone).
Dedication day is a total celebration, involving the whole community, even people from other localities (as guests).
The traditional food for this event is based on local seasonal resources, and served during a public feast. 
Atmosphere is full of animation and participation (as guests, as hosts, even as observers: I, ethnographers, media, wonder who).
Of course you can see here a fragmented and filtered reality (by me), but you could try to (re)construct yours.

Preparing the fish borsch

Preparing the fish borsch

Participant ensembles and groups

Malîș Russian - Lippovan Ensemble 

Sfitilina  Ensemble with a Bulgarian identification from Vișina Village (guests, neighbors)

Juraveli  - a Russian -Lippovan Ensemble from Jurilovca Village

Juraveli  - a Russian -Lippovan Ensemble from Jurilovca Village

Members of community

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