duminică, 17 martie 2013

Once upon a time it was a big wedding in the village: The match-making

First sequence of our exhibition Once upon a time it was a big wedding in the village. The magic of inception - Marriage. It is about the symbolism of acts, persons and objects related to the most ceremonial rite of passage. You can follow the red apple in different periods of wedding (match-making, the wedding tree, the great dinner) or you can discover the multiplicity of the cross (pattern, frame, religious object)...

Match-making is a complex, mostly repetitive, act of asking the girl from their parents. On the first and second time of asking, the parents would say something like this:

That's our beautiful and red rose,
Which we’ll take out from the house!
The parents of bride in a traditional room

Then, the match-maker (a relative of the groom) says:
She is beautiful like a blaze[1],
But is not the flower we would to raise.

Third time, the girl take the canteen from the ground and says:
I want to be his bride,
The groom’s wife for life!
The red apple given by the match-maker to the other girls presented by the bride's father

[1] Blaze = star 

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