marți, 25 septembrie 2012

Lullaby and maternity

The exhibition Mother' s Dear Babies is a challenge for you to remember what  yours grandparents, great-grandparents, maybe parents did... when this great miracle of the world and of life - birth - put them in the situation. Sure beyond diversity, beyond the idea that we are each unique, and in these moments, when each is the universe and the center of the earth also, this exhibition brings  memories, something, one object, one element that can help you to continue, to knot the thread  of continuity of generations. This exhibition actually wants to be a stop on the oblivion' s way  ...
Just listen this lullaby and you' ll understand the maternity.

The sequences of exhibition  are: the Fates at Romanians, bringing of gifts and the ritual meal at Aromanians, baptism at Russian-Lippovans, Ukrainians and Catholics groups from Tulcea County, first bath after baptism at Greekswedding at boy’s baptism at Turks and Tatars, the Day of Midwife.

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