luni, 1 aprilie 2013

Once upon a time it was a big wedding in the village: Betrothal

Second sequence of our exhibition Once upon a time it was a big wedding in the village. The magic of inception - Marriage.
Betrothal is the ceremonial and ritual act after mach-making. The boy, or a member of his family, would formally invite most, if not all, of his relatives, friends and neighbors. The girl’s family was responsible for inviting their relatives.
In this moment, the two families made all the necessary financial arrangements for the marriage.
Window - the eye of the house
An important act is the ritual covenant between the two lovers and the exchange of gifts (rings and scarf with golden embroidery) and the passing of rings through flour saying: Sweet bread and inseparables!
When 2 become 1

My dear, my soul/Please hold my ring/Put it on your finger/When the ring will rust/You’ll know that I died...[1]

[1] The covenant of the groom

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