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The bread who laugh and cry

Utilized in profane, quotidian and ritual context, we can say that exist two forms of bread: that who laugh (the holyday bread, birth and wedding loaf) and that who cry (the funeral or commemoration loaf, the alienation, the war bread).
On the other part, it exists the cultic bread, utilized in the religious ceremonies.
The Christianity recognizes two forms of ritual bread: Saint Eucharistic bread and the blessed or holy bread.
Beginning from this major alimentary symbol in Christianity can be observed the separation between Catholicism (unleavened bread or azyme) and Orthodoxy (leavened bread). 
 The making of bread (Letea Village, Danube Delta)
 Ritual bread (bride's bread - lejâi, Ukrainians - Letea Village, Danube Delta)
 Martyrs (eight-shaped breads baked for March 9th)

The bread, the Easter bread (with cross) and the  leavened bread (for church)
Communion bread
Commemoration breads

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